How is “Sympathize with Gaza” a political slogan?!

I understand the whole thing about keeping sports away from ‘politics’ and sports being a way to bring people together rather than keep them apart. However, I cannot understand how Abu Trieka’s simple gesture in support of Gazzans who are under an inhumane seige and unbearable conditions, how that is considered a political action. His shirt didn’t refer to any political party…it didn’t even mention Palestine (for those people who don’t believe it exists!!!). It was just a very simple act of solidarity with fellow human beings.

Plus, what is happening in Gaza (especially before the ‘prison break’) is so extreme in nature, that I think it deserves not just the attention of the whole world but their action as well. Life cannot, should not, go on as normal.Â

I’ve said this many times but I’ll say it once again. I do not mean to belittle any other nation’s suffering by focusing on the plight of Palestinians. A tragedy is a tradegy no matter how many people involved. However, I really do feel the Palestinian cause deserves international attention and recognition because it is that of an occupied people living under cruel conditions who are made to look like savages while their oppressor is supported and rewarded by the ‘civilized’ world.Â

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