Setting Up Your First Blog

Who else is in the process of setting up their first blog ? If you are , Congratulations! It’s a big step. Setting up your first blog or website is a great idea for so many reasons. It simply Globalizes you where Anyone can reach you Anytime of the day from Anywhere in the world. Sounds interesting right . Read here to learn the Benefits of having a blog .

Choose the best Platform to blog.

Primarily bloggers head for three available platforms namely (1) and (2) , both of which are free and have limited functionality . The third option is (3) Wordpress Self Hosted blogs . We recommend Wordpress Self Hosted blogs as it allows flexibility and more options to customize and personalize your blog and manage it efficiently . Read here for Why we recommend Wordpress for Blogging ?

So Where Do We Start ?

Ok , lets begin . There are primarily three phases to the process of creating your blog .

1. The first phase is to buy a domain like .com or .org where people can access your blog . Try going for a keyword related to the niche of the blog, something you might be writing in . Read more about choosing an effective domain name later.

2. The second phase is setting up a web host. This is where your blog files will reside and made available for people to access it using the internet . For self -hosted wordpress blogs you need to go to any webhost which supports hosting of wordpress blogs , and buy any hosting package that suits you . Few reliable webhosts are Hostgator , Bluehost etc .

3. Phase three is installing WordPress on your hosting provider . This is the final and the trickiest part where you might mess up things . See this How To Install Wordpress Video tutorial for more wordpress installation information .

What Possibly can go wrong ?

While it all looks so easy , but with self hosted wordpress quite a few things may go wrong like hyper links , images , themes, pages are not displayed properly, page not found or 404 error, or clicking on certain things breaks stuff etc . Never heard these terms before , don’t panic keep reading .

Get yourself a Wordpress Guru ?

If this is your first time in blogging don’t forget to find a Blogging Teacher before you start , believe me it helps a lot . Few Tips for New bloggers might come in handy .

With wordpress , its easy to mess up with your blog with every plugin update or wordpress upgrade . A help at hand goes a long way in minimizing the stress. Some bloggers do this mistake of starting a blog without help beforehand and mess up with their blogs. Get yourself a Wordpress Guru for assisting you while you kick start your new blog .

Is it Worth it ?

It is only you can tell whether you want to have a blog that you can maintain in all these coming years , and keep changing its looks and functionality with the modern trend of blogging . Wordpress blogs are dynamic and you can do more than you could ever imagine with a blog . You can even monetize your blog to generate revenue and become a professional blogger . Integrate with social media and share with friends , family and clients with the click of a button .

If you have a business , blog about it . There is so much there for you in blogging . The opportunities are endless . If you don’t have a blog , you are missing out on something.

How can I help you ?

You want to start a blog , but you don’t know how to go about it. I can set up a WordPress blog for you, complete with any theme and plugins you want. Don’t know what you want ? I can help you figure that out too . Check my Pro Blog services . Dont worry i am completely affordable. Ask me for a quote and i wont turn you down.


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