Who can join ISO

Membership of ISO is open to national standards institutes most representative of standardization in their country (one member in each country).

*Full members, known as member bodies, each have one vote, whatever the size or strength of the economy of the country concerned.
*Correspondent members pay reduced membership fees. They are entitled to participate in any policy or technical body as observers, with no voting rights.*
Subscriber members also pay reduced membership fees. They are institutes from countries with very small economies that nevertheless wish to maintain contact with international standardization.
Although individuals or enterprises are not eligible for membership, both have a range of opportunities for taking part in ISO's work:

~Individuals may be selected by national member institutes to serve as experts on national delegations participating in ISO technical committees
~Individuals and enterprises may provide their input during the process of developing a national consensus for presentation by the delegation. This may done through national mirror committees to the corresponding ISO technical committee
~International organizations and associations, both non-governmental and representing industry sectors, can apply for liaison status to a technical committee. They do not vote, but can participate in the debates and the development of consensus.
There is a range of opportunities for taking part in ISO's work.

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