Lamborghini Estoque

What is up with manufacturers producing strange vehicles that are normally completely outside their remit and brand? Lamborghini is at it this time. You could understand if they were targeting the older generation with their new four door concept that looks quite similar to the Reventon – but let’s face it, the car will still probably come with far too much power for the average person.

The design of the car has sharp lines, black air intakes and LED exterior lights – something that has been carried over from the current models and make it stand out from the crowd. The body shape however reminds me of some sort of strange bastard child of an RX-8 and – well I’m not sure what. I’m not a fan though unfortunately.

Apparently, in the official press release, Lamborghini have stressed that you can carry the kids around in it very comfortably and they won’t complain. However, you still get four wheel drive and a rumoured V-10 that will live in front of the cabin – presumably in front of the front wheels though as it will still be classed as ‘mid engined’.

The Estoque concept has 22 inch wheels, but is only four and a half feet high, so at least you won’t need to give the kids a hand to get in the thing. The instrumentation for the car is a bit more impressive than the exterior and has a lovely large LCD screen. This gives the driver the option of displays, types of gauge and of course access the all-important sat nav.

So, what’s the bottom line here? Well, a bunch of crazy, cash-rich, low-sense yuppies that can barely drive will eat these up in a second. Well, it beats the Joneses’ and their Range Rover right? Frankly, I’m shocked. Normally, Lamborghini produce wonderful looking machines. This time however they seem to have dropped the ball.

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