What is Your Vision

What is your vision for 2007? What is it that you want? Now is the time to paint a picture of your future. Describe in detail what it is that you want. And allow yourself to feel how you will feel when you have accomplished this vision.

When I work with clients one of the first things I ask them is what is your vision for your company? Where do you see the business being in three, five, and ten years? Tell me about your ideal scenario.

I remind them that this is a vision not a set of goals - it should have feeling. I tell them to dream big. And to remember that if they shoot for the moon and miss they'll still be among the stars.

As you paint your ideal picture for 2007, answer the following questions. And, if you really want to be successful, commit your answers to paper.

• What kind of clients do you want to be working with?

• Where do you want to be spending your time?

• What products and services do you offer?

• Do you have employees, if so how many and what role(s) are they playing?

• What is your role with the company?

• How do you spend your time?

• How much time are you spending working in the company?

• What kind of revenues does the company have?

• What is your income?

• What resources or skills do you need to achieve and maintain your vision and how will you acquire those?

• What do your clients say about your company?

• What do your competitors say about your company?

• What is your company's image in the marketplace?

• How will you know when you have achieved your vision? What will it be like?

Now, put it all together. Write a 50 to 75 word description of your vision for the future - or draw a picture that depicts your vision.

In the words of the wise young web developer, “What is it that you want? What is your vision for 2007 and beyond? And, what will achieving that vision mean to you?"

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