Day 6: How To Learn Idioms & Slang..

Soleh Sugianto
Hi again :) It's us, your English teachers... with another rule!
We want you to think about something today: You have studied English for more than 4 years- why do you still have trouble understanding native speakers?

Nothing is wrong with you. Something is wrong with the schools you went to, and the textbooks you used. English textbooks and audio tapes are horrible.

You never learned real conversational English. You never learned casual English- the kind of English we use in normal conversations.

You learned TEXTBOOK English.

"Your teaching is excellent! I´m very grateful to you. Thank you!"
--Milan Hodac, Czech Republic

**How To Understand Native Speakers

Megdelio studied English for 5 years in Venezuela. Teachers said he was an advanced student.

When he came to the USA he felt good. He was excited to meet Americans. He was ready. He wrote:

"One day I tried to talk to an American woman and everything changed. The woman started talking-- and I couldn't understand her. Not at all!

Her pronunciation was totally different than the textbook tapes and CDs I listened to. She used idioms, slang, and many casual phrases.
I was totally confused. That's when I realized I needed to learn real English!"

**You Must Learn Casual Conversational English

We taught Megdelio to learn with real English conversations-- learning the English we use everyday in conversations, books, movies, TV shows, comic books, audio books, articles, newspapers, magazines, and podcasts.

**Stop Learning Textbook English

If you want to understand native speakers, you must stop learning English from textbook tapes and CDs.

To learn real English, you must listen to real English conversations... not to actors reading. You listen to native speakers speaking real English. You must study real conversations.

Listen only to English conversations
Listen only to English conversations
Listen only to English conversations

How do you learn casual English? It's easy. Stop using textbooks. Instead, listen only to English conversations, movies, TV shows, audio books, audio articles, stories, and talk radio shows. Use real English conversations.

After 6 months of real English, Megdelio could speak easily. He could understand English from real native speakers. You will too.

"I'm very glad to get your Lessons. I was probably like many of your students - good at tests but hopeless at speaking. I wish I had known your method earlier!"
--Barbara Sitko

**RULE 6: Only Use Real English Conversations & Materials

You learn casual conversational English if you want to understand native speakers and speak easily. Use real conversations, magazines, audio articles, TV shows, movies, radio talk shows, and audio books.

Learn Real English, Not Textbook English
Learn Real English, Not Textbook English

**The Final Rule

In the next email, we will tell you the final rule. we'll teach you how to speak 2-3 times faster.

Until then, have a great day and enjoy learning English!

Good luck,

Kristin Dodds, Joe Weiss, & A.J. Hoge
Learn Real English LLC

PS: Ana Rodriguez wrote:

"I'm finally enjoying English! I'm finally talking to Americans! Thank You!"

PPS: Today's Homework

1. Listen to the audio of this email- 10 times while reading, 10 times without reading.
Download the audio at:

2. Get English conversations. Read and Listen everyday.
All of our lessons use REAL English conversations. Real native speakers (no actors) and real slang:

3. Read the article "How To Speak Like A Native Speaker":

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