Day 7: How To Speak English Fast & Easily

Hi. Today is the last rule! Remember, we promised to send you one email every day- for 8 days. Today is number 7 :)

Today is the last Rule, and it is the easiest:

Most English CDs use "listen and repeat". The speaker says something in English, and you repeat exactly what they said. This method is a failure.
"Thanks very much! I am studying English according to your method. I will introduce your lessons to my friends!"
--Fred Zhao

**Rule 7: A Story

Emi, a Japanese woman, had a problem. Her speaking was SLOW. She
could not answer questions quickly.

Emi listened to many English tapes and CDs. She listened. She repeated what the speaker said.

Emi emailed us. We recommended "Listen & Answer" lessons. We told her not to use "listen and repeat".

We told her to use "Listen & Answer" Mini-Stories.

We told her that "listen and repeat" is not enough-- when you repeat, you only copy the speaker. But when you hear a question and you ANSWER it-- you must think in English.

After using listen & ANSWER lessons for just 4 months, her speaking was fast, easy, and automatic.

Emi was excited. She wrote:
"The lessons are FANTASTIC! I love them. My speaking is so much faster now. I understand quickly and I can now speak English without thinking. I can't believe it!"

**RULE 7: Listen and Answer, not Listen and Repeat

Use Listen & Answer Mini-Story Lessons
Use Listen & Answer Mini-Story Lessons

In each Mini-Story Lesson, a speaker tells a short simple story. He also asks a lot of easy questions. Every time you hear a question, you pause and answer it.

You learn to answer questions quickly-- without thinking. Your English becomes automatic.
How can you use Listen & Answer Stories? Easy! Find a native speaker tutor. Ask him to use this method: Ask him to tell a story... and to constantly ask you easy questions about it. This will teach you to think quickly in English!
You can also find Listen & Answer lessons. They will teach you to think quickly in English.

"Your technique is really mind blowing and working for me nicely. Fantastic! Once more thanks a lot!"
--Sameer Ansari

**What's Next?
That is the last rule! How can you continue?

A great way to use the 7 Rules is to buy our Learn Real English Conversation Lessons. When you use our lessons, you speak English easily, and fast.
Our lessons use all of the 7 Rules.

Get our Learn Real English Conversation lessons now, click below:

Buy the lessons and we guarantee you will succeed :)

Thanks for allowing us to teach you.
**One More Email
You will get only one more email tomorrow :)
Have a great day!

Take Care and Good Luck,

Kristin Dodds, Joe Weiss, & A.J. Hoge
Learn Real English LLC

PS: Today's Homework:

1. Listen to the audio of this email- 10 times while reading, 10 times without reading.
Download the audio now at:

2. Ask your native speaker tutor to create Listen & Respond stories
Ask them to record the stories
Listen to the stories every day.

3. If you don't have a tutor- listen to our Listen & Answer lessons every day at

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