Israel denies Gaza access to clean water

Maybe such as the Jews’ puppet Barack Obama you will say that Israel killing women and children in Gaza because for 8 years Hamas keep firing rockets to Israel. It is understandable.

Well, the last Israel attack killed more than 1,300 Gaza people. Mostly women and children. Based on the civilian victims, Israel is a Terrorist state.
On the other hand, Hamas the freedom fighter (according to Israel and its puppets is terrorist) only kill 13 Israelis where 10 (most of them) were soldiers. So, Hamas with more primitive weapons was better than Israel in selecting victim.
In the 8 years of “Rocket Attack” by Hamas, Israel slaughtered many Palestinians in Shabra and Shatila, Nablus, Hebron, Jenin, etc. So, why Israel now is acting like a “Holocaust” victim? Knowing many massacre by Israel, could you see the reason why Hamas is rocketing Israel? Israel is blockading Gaza. The people in Gaza could not have enough food or clean water to drink. Through heavy blockade with Egypt Government, Hosni Mobarak, Israel is killing the people of Gaza with Starvation and Thirsty. If Israelis do that to you, will you fight back instead of dying from starvation and thirsty?
The Jews are not the Chosen People. The Chosen people will not do evil thing like that. The Jews are the cursed people by God (Quran, Al Fatihah).
The Criminal Wars trial should not punish only little men in Israel, but also should punish Israel leaders such as Shimon Peres, Tzipi Livni, and others responsible. They have used depleted uranium weapons, chemical weapons (white phosphoric bombs), clustered bombs, in civilian area and kill many women and children. The Israel leaders should be punished just like the NAZI leaders.
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