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Your site or blog must have a rss feed and we will automatically write a short article of every post you’ll make with a link to your original post to read the full article.
Yep! Truly simple!

All you have to do is to write a comment in this page with the link of your site feed and the category you want to create pertinent to your posts. Remember that you must register before to comment and your comment must be approved before to be shown, so don’t post more than one!

If you don’t have an RSS FEED on your website DON’T POST A COMMENT HERE, but you can always write one or more shorts articles (no more than 100 words!! The exceeded part will be cutted off. But also not less then 50 words or we will never publish it!!!) about you and your site! You must be a registered user to find the link to write your own article! Then a member of our staff will check and approve it before to publically show your article.

Terms of use:

  • No site with illegal content are accepted.
  • The site MUST be in English or the articles must be translated in English.
  • DON’T PROMOTE YOUR SITE IN THE COMMENT IN THIS PAGE: we will ignore every comment that doesn’t have this form:
  1. name of the website
  2. link of the feed rss (that is not the link of your homepage)
  3. category you want for your site
  • Articles that you manually write here must be from 50 to 100 words lenght Less than 50 will never approved, and more than 100 will be cutted to fit the 100 words.
  • Sites must have more than one page and content. We don’t accept site with only one static page or that are just a collection of links to affiliates programs.
  • You are the only responsible of the content published, and you agree that and it’s staff don’t have any responsability in any way.
  • By submitting a comment or writing an article you automatically agree to all these terms.
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