DNV's Modern Safety Management Training

Dear HSE Professionals,
DNV Indonesia is scheduling Modern Safety Management (msm²) Course within the next couple of weeks. msm² Course will be held in Bandung on June 15 - 19, 2009.

The msm² Course provides the participant with an understanding of essential risk management concepts and techniques to enhance health, safety, environmental and business performance. msm² is the new version of Modern Safety Management, DNV’s flagship health and safety management foundation course for more than 20 years.
On completion of msm² the participant will:
  • Understand the processes and activities that have proven effective for managing risks and improving performance.
  • Be able to apply fundamental concepts and tools to design and implement an effective risk management system.
  • Be able to apply practical tools for risk identification, evaluation and control.
  • Know how to apply behaviour management techniques.
  • Be more effective leaders in the continual improvement of health, safety, environmental and business performance.
The msm² Course covers the following topics:
  • Understanding Management Systems
  • Leadership
  • Managing Risk and Risk Recognition
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Risk Control
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Culture and Behaviour
  • Management of Change
  • Communication
  • Asset Management and Inspections
  • Changing Behaviour
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Learning from Events
  • Contractor and Supplier Management
  • Measuring, Monitoring and Review
For more detail information or registration, please contact DNV Jakarta Office at 021-2526233 or dnvjak@dnv.com.
Looking forward to seeing you soon in DNV Courses.

Best Regards
for PT. DENVEGRAHA (DNV Energy Indonesia)
Rimalia Sebayang
HSE & Risk Engineer
DNV Energy Jakarta
Telp: +62-21-2526233 (hunting)
Fax: +62-21-2521756

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