BlackTrack Lite - Automated Phone and Email Activity Reports

BlackTrack provides business professionals with a complete log of phone/email activity with durations. These secure & private reports help you bill time & recover costs so you can more easily profit from your mobile use.

Please see BLACKTRACK PRODUCTIVITY AND COST RECOVERY TOOL for the full-featured paid version. Search 'BlackTrack' in AppWorld

ACCOUNTING or BILLING for calls and email is frustrating and time consuming. TIMESHEETS are a challenge. BlackTrack automatically logs and reports all your phone and email activity without any data entry. There are no pop-ups, no timers, no tagging and no interruptions. The report also includes your email activity with the time spent reading or writing each item. The reports help make billing, cost recovery and timesheets automatic and pain free.

SECURITY and PRIVACY are issues for professional users. With BlackTrack your BlackBerry compiles and delivers your information, not a 3rd party. Your report is as private and secure as your BlackBerry. There is NO Website, NO Server and NO Log-in - Just your BlackBerry.

BlackTrack is invaluable for anyone who bills their time, such as Accountants, Consultants, Engineers and Lawyers. The reports provide quality information for your existing timesheet, time billing, accounting, project management and practice management systems.

Reduce your frustration at no cost. Download BlackTrack to capture activity with zero effort.

*** FEATURES ***
• Automatic Log
• No data entry required
- Just use your BlackBerry as usual and receive a report
- No pop-ups or other such interruptions
• Private & Secure
- Your data is on your BlackBerry and its email
- Does not send data to a server for processing
- No website to log into
• Automated Reports
- You configure the time and frequency
• Report contains
- Date & Time
- Duration of call/email
- Notes/Details
• Reports are easy to use
• Completely free
• Excellent support

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