Top 10 Marketing Tips

Marketing is not only about offering something to someone. It is an art that you can learn and master, in you are willing to learn. Marketing is not a rocket science that need high IQ to master. Everybody can learn it, even a young boy.

So why do many marketers failed? Simple, that’s because they don’t have needed skills for creating a successful marketing campaign. ..

So here’s the Top 10 Marketing Tips that you can apply to make a better marketing result :
Know your target market.Successful campaign is a targeted campaign. For many countless times, marketing campaigns all over the world failed because the marketer didn’t target the right market. So please, do the market research in detail.

Focus in one offer. Human brain can’t think about two different things at once. They need to finish (or skip) one thinking to be able to think about another. So don’t offer many products/services at once. Focus on just one offer.

Split test. Always test and measure every campaign made by you. Don’t waste any penny on useless marketing campaign. Start small, pick a better performing campaign, and stick with it all the time.

Work in team. Because two brains, or more, are always batter than one brain. Moreover, with a team’s help, you can finish and focus in your area of expertise freely & effectively.

Don’t sell on price. Don’t put your price down to get more customers. Instead, increase the value of your products/services, so you can sell higher. Decreasing the price will only hurt your profit and your business.

Follow up. Never ever leave the prospect leave without buying. Always get their contact for follow up. Either email, phone number, fax number, doesn’t matter. As long as you can follow up and (hopefully) make a closing, it’s good to go.

Good after sales service. Don’t leave our customer feel being used by you, or being sold by you. Give a good after sales service to them, do it until they thanked you. This will increase the next sales probability also.

Find another way. In addition to just split test, you can try to find another way to market you product(s). Try different promotion method, try different places to promote, try etc. Just keep trying. The sweet usually worth the sweat.

Integrated marketing. Or some people call it fusion marketing. Make your worst competitor become your best partner. Approach them to promote your product, and give them some percent of profit from their sales. Nice isn’t it?

Grow as time goes. Just do all the above tips, and you’ll absolutely gain new experiences. Learn from the experiences you got, learn how to market better. This will make you stronger and more successful in the long run.

Applt it all, and let’s hope that your marketing campaign goes better.

By Haryo Hardi

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