Accept Yourself

You are not perfect. Nobody is. You make mistakes. Everybody does. You have flaws and shortcomings. Everybody does.

When you make mistakes, when your shortcomings are revealed, don't think that you are condemned, don't think that you are useless.

Your true value lies not in what you have achieved, not in how much money you have in the bank, not in the size of your salary, not in how much knowledge you have in your brains, but in the fact that you are you.

Everybody is different. But in a way, everybody is the same - every single person has his strengths and weaknesses. Despite your imperfections, you are a complete person - don't think otherwise.

Accepting yourself for what you are does not mean giving up efforts to better or improve yourself. It means recognizing your value as a person. Always recognizing it. Even when you fail, you are still valuable.

Self acceptance is a key factor in an individual's outlook on life. By accepting yourself first, you open the doors to accepting the realities of this world, of life, of other people, and of other people accepting you too.

"Confidence is preparation. Everything else is beyond your control"
- Richard Kline

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