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Information on certification is discrete. There is no comprehensive source of information in this field. This page serves as a portal of links to sources of information.
General information on conformity assessment including certification
Accreditation bodies
The lists of accreditation bodies can be found on the Web sites of the following international/regional organizations:
Peer assessment schemes
These are arrangements under which certification bodies are assessed by their partners belonging to the schemes. Examples of the schemes are given below:
How to find a certification body?
As a rule, Web sites of the accreditation bodies contain lists of certification bodies which are accredited by the respective accreditation organizations. Links to a few examples of certification body lists/databases provided by accreditation bodies is given below:
There are also international and regional certification associations which provide lists of their certification bodies. For example:
Peer assessment schemes Web sites also provide lists of certification bodies which are their members. For example:
Most certification bodies operate in one country. However, there are a number of certification bodies which have offices in many countries. A few examples of multinational certification bodies are given below with the links to their Web sites:
How to find a certified company?
Unfortunately, a single database which contains names of all certified companies does not exist. However, several large databases containing information on certified companies can be found on the Web. For example:
Some certification bodies provide information on companies certified by them. For example:
Source IFAN


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